Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thanksgiving with Wing, Cassie, and Ollie {Updated FREEBIES}

Hello friends! I hope you are staying warm. The wind chill this morning was 7 below 0! Brrr! We have snow on the ground. You know what that means....dun, dun, dunnnn....SNOW GEAR!! Ahhhhh!!! I detest snow gear. It means we have to start getting ready for recess a good 15 minutes earlier. It means that it is going to look like the Target snow gear aisle threw up in my room. It means that I am going to be finding mittens, hats, socks, shoes, name it...all over. HOWEVER, I will hold them up and ask who they belong to...and crickets, or actually I hear, "NOT MINE!" lol! Another reason for me to love snow days!

Are you getting your Thanksgiving plans ready? You know, I just don't have many fun Thanksgiving stories. Some of my favorites though are by Steve Metzger. I have created a fun packet to go with all three of these stories.

In "The Great Turkey Race" Ollie, Cassie and Wing compete to see who will be the "Thanksgiving turkey." Little do they know that the turkey will become dinner for Farmer Joe and Farmer Kate. So, they escape.
After reading the story, we talk about where they think that the turkeys went. Some of their ideas were hilarious! We had them going to the zoo, the beach, Mexico,  McDonald's, Disney World, and hiding in the forest.
I also use this story to review beginning, middle and end. They can draw a picture and write about what was happening.

Next, is "The Amazing Turkey Rescue." The three friends have enjoyed their year away. They have some exciting adventures, but they receive a letter from Pete the Chicken asking for their help. They come up with a plan to save the chickens!

In "The Silly Turkey Party" the three turkey friends are heroes! They have a party, but must be quiet because Farmer Joe is not feeling well. The farm animals show up one by one! This story is perfect for sequencing!

You can download your free pack by clicking the cover photo below. Bundle up this week friends!

FREE Steve Metzger Thanksgiving Read Aloud Pack

Monday, October 27, 2014

Trick & Treat Freebielicious Blog Hop

Fall is upon us and that means it's time for some Teaching Trick & Treating!

That's right - I have teamed up with my Freebielicious friends again to share some 
teaching tricks and special free treats for you!  

First,my teaching trick. It is simple and probably not going to make you go "SAY WHAAAT?!" However, it has helped my whole group teaching tremendously. Room set up!! Before, I had everything spread out...fairly strategically too! I wanted a "quiet station" next to a "not so quiet station." I was trying to spread out the noise! Well, I wasn't thinking about what was most important. So, I ranked my teaching time. I started with my whole group teaching area. What was I going to do there? What did I need to have? What would students need to be able to see? 

I wanted my word wall and my comprehension skills close to my whole group teaching area. I would refer to them often.We build our comprehension wall together. I read Goldilocks the 2nd week of school and we keep adding to it! All of my comprehension skills are related to that story.

We can play word wall games during whole group AND students can see the word wall from anywhere in the room. My words are color coded. I will try to get better pictures tomorrow! :-) My internet was down and these are what I had on my phone! Oyyy! 

You can get the comprehension posters here:

My TREAT is a couple of these comprehension posters with response sheets!! :-)You can download your FREEBIE by clicking the cover below!

Hop along to the next Freebielicious friend to see what their Trick & Treat is!
Apples & ABC's

Friday, September 19, 2014

Brown Bear

We always start the year with a color unit! There are so many books that you can use, but my favorite is Brown Bear.

My Brown Bear was one of the first units that I created! It needed a major overhaul :-) Here is the cover of my old unit.

Here is my new and improved unit!

The first activity is an emergent reader. They can color the animal, trace the color word and circle any sight words that you have introduced.

Students use play doh to create the color words for each animal. I love the trays I got from the Dollar Tree.

Roll and Write! Students take turns rolling the dice. It has 6 color words. The response sheet has the 6 animals that correspond to the 6 colors on the dice. They write the color that they have rolled.
Write the Room! I have pictures hung around the room. Students need to find the animal and write the word.
Roll and Color! Students simply color one square for each time they roll the dice. If they roll the red bird, then they color one box on their response sheet red.

Sentence Scramble! Students can use a pocket chart to put together complete sentences. First, they sort the pictures (by animal) and then put a sentence together using those cards. They find that animal on their response sheet and then write the sentence.
 Memory! They simply play memory. I have created a set of cards that have the animal word on one and then the color word on the other. They have to find the match. Say the animal name and spell it, then say the color word and spell it.

ABC match! Match upper to lower case letters and then practice writing. I copy the response sheets front/back.

 The only activity that I don't have pictures of...shame on the character head bands. We use these to retell the story.

Ok, let's get personal...29 days in and I am still exhausted! LOL!  Oyy!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back To School Give Away

I’m so excited to be teaming up with my favorite freebie-friends for a BIG giveaway to help get you going this school year! Over at the Freebielicious blog, we’re giving away a BIG, GRAND PRIZE (scroll down to the bottom of this post to read all about it!) and right here on my little blog, I’m giving away $25.00 to one my favorite stores to go school shopping: Michaels. 

Some of my favorite things from Michaels!!

I use this cart right next to my projector table. I house all of my electronics here.

I use these for my take home bags! I am finishing those now! I have a birthday bag, lost tooth bag, and star of the week bag!

Please enter with integrity, using the Rafflecopter below. I’ll choose a winner a week from today.
a Rafflecopter giveaway  

The Freebielicious ladies know how much of your own hard-earned money goes into buying supplies, tissues, books, and classroom d├ęcor to get your classroom “kid-ready,” and we want to be able to put some of that money right back in your pocket. Over at the Freebielicious blog, we are giving away a $300 Visa gift card! YES…YOU READ THAT RIGHT! $300!!!
To enter the BIG GIVEAWAY, click HERE or on the button below!

Also, while you are there, be sure to check out what the other Freebie-ladies are giving away. Be prepared for some AMAZING prizes. Take a peek at some of them below!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Let's Work On Writing {Drawing a Detailed Picture}

Hello friends! I recently asked Kindergarten teachers what was the most important thing to work on when beginning to teach writing. Most answers were the same, but the one that almost all teachers said was, DRAWING DETAILED PICTURES!

I have a few monthly work on writing units. In those units, I have included a couple of pages that work on drawing a detailed picture. Well, I thought why not create an entire pack!? So, I DID! :-)

There's not much time left in August, but I whipped a quick August FREEBIE! Grab yours from my TpT store by clicking cover page below.

FREE drawing detailed pictures

You will want to make sure you talk about what a detailed picture is! Choose one of these to do together. Brainstorm things that you can add to the picture that is already there. What else might they see? Where would that be...inside or outside? Every time they add another detail to the picture, then they color in one star. They need to add at least 5 details. I ALWAYS stress that they can add more. You don't have to stop at 5. Now, we talk about what color those things are in real life. We want to use colors that make sense. I teach my kids that a detailed picture has at least 5 colors. So, each time they use a color, they color one of the crayons at the top. They should use at least 5! They don't have to stop at 5 colors either!
This is an example from the packet. You could put this on your projector, or just share with your students if you don't have a projector. Ask your students what they see....students waiting at a bus stop to go to school. Would this be inside or outside?, you could add a sun, some clouds, a road, a bus, and some grass. I always encourage them to draw (add the details)  with a pencil first. Once you have all of the details added...making sure to color in a star with each detail you add.  Now, you are ready to color! Ask what color the things are that you just added. Stress that you want to use colors that make sense.

This is a great way to get your students ready for writing! Starting with drawing detailed pictures!
I have created a pack for September.

This pack contains Autumn and apple picture starters!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!

I know teachers everywhere are mourning the end of Summer. Let's look on the bright side....the beginning of school means that Fall is right around the corner. Fall means many things for me...jeans, sweatshirts, and HUSKER FOOTBALL!! I am a huge football fan.

My district uses Reading Street for our reading program. In Kindergarten, we introduce 40 sight words with that program. What we are running in to is that those 40 words are not enough. We want our Kinders to be at GRL C by the end of the year. So, I found that we need a little extra sight word practice. Last year I started using the Dolch words. I wasn't sure if my students would be able to read them or not. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. They exceeded my expectations. Several of my Kinders were reading all 220 words by the end of the year. I figured...let's roll with it.

I have created a few football themed things to go along with the Pre-Primer list. We will work on the Football words for the 1st quarter.

Here are some word wall cards. You could introduce each word and then add it to your word wall. You could also print a set, put on a ring and add to your writing station. These are also perfect for guided reading groups.

The first word work activity that I introduce is play-doh. They are already familiar with it and they love it! It takes little time to teach expectations for this activity.

The next word work station I introduce is stamp a word.

This is a fun game that I created for my parents and parent volunteers. I send it home with my students. They are to "teach" their parents how to play. They love the thought of being the teacher.

I do have a few other items that I am working on for the Pre-Primer words {sight word readers, magnetic letters, secret code, qr codes and more}