Saturday, July 16, 2011

100th Day Celebration and Linky Party

TBA is celebrating being in the blogging world 100 days today! So, to help celebrate, they are hosting a linky party! Hop on over to get some great 100th day activities!

Happy 100th Day TBA!

We read "The Wolf's Chicken Stew" by Keiko Kaska

The Wolf’s Chicken Stew Activities

Other activities:
1. You could make 100 pancakes!
2. Make a class book! You could have the kids work together. Give each group an 11 X18 sheet of construction paper. Have them draw 100 things that they would cook and take to the chicken.
3. They could write a letter to Uncle Wolf and ask him to bring them 100 _______.
4. Draw an outline of the wolf, or copy from the book and blow up. The kids stick on 100 “kiss” stickers.

*I have found these activities on various sites and can't remember specifically which ones. Sorry! I am sure if you google the book you could find lots more.

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