Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pinterest strikes again!

How cute is this?

You can see the original blog post here

You can create these at You have the ability to change background color, text color, font, how you want them arranged.....FUN!!

Wordle: Mrs Lees Kindergarten 2011


  1. How cute!

    For Mother's Day, I created the grandmas one with all the grandkids' names. They turned out really nice!
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  2. This is such a neat idea!!! How did you do it? I went to but I don't think that is the right site. Please let me know! Looks like so much fun :) You can email me at Thanks!

  3. I also went to the site and couldn't figure it out! I love the idea though! Could you email as well on how to do it!

  4. It is :-)