Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seat and Storage Crates UPDATE and link to directions!

Ok, lots of questions on my pinspiration project! I saw these crates on pinterest and then other boards I followed started making their own. Well, then I saw a post over at
What The Teacher Wants

She made the seat and storage crates AND also posted about the cost and step by step directions. You need to go check her post out and follow her blog (if you don't already!) easy to make!

As far as the cost, it will really depend. I had the plywood already and my hubby had all of the tools to cut it, plus the staple gun and staples. So, no cost for me there. I was pretty picky about the material that I wanted. I wanted to stick with the black, lime green, and pink color scheme. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby and it was 6.99 a yard. Unless I figured wrong ...I really hope not....but 1/2 of a yard should cover the seat. I am sure that you could find cheaper material though. I also bought the foam at Hobby Lobby. It was $14.99 for the entire roll and I was able to make all 6 seats with one roll. The ribbon is pretty necessary! It's serves an actual's the handle! I bought mine at Hobby Lobby and it was 3.49 for a roll. The crates were purchased from Wal-Mart and were $3.67 each. That is the cheapest that I have seen them so far. Last, I needed the spray adhesive. You can get that from Wal-Mart too. You only need a small can. Oh, and when the can says the over spray will remain a little sticky...YEP! It does!!

I hope that this helps! I hope "What The Teacher Wants" doesn't mind me sending people over there to check out her post, but she has the directions all typed out with pictures. VERY HELPFUL and much better than I could have done!!

Go make your seats!!!


  1. Popping by to say Hi. You were spotlighted in my Blog Mix Linky Party.

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  2. Can I just say your seats are AMAZINGLY CUTE!!! I LOVE THEM! Thanks for the shoutout!