Saturday, September 3, 2011

Classroom Pictures/Library Station

This is my library station. The ABC letters on the wall are from Target! They are wall stickers. I love them! So cheery and colorful! The ABC rug is also from Target. The anchor charts are what we have created for our reading program. We use SF Reading Street. Each week there is a comprehension skill/focus that is introduced or practiced. We have done character, setting and sequence. I thought...what better place to keep them than the library! Please don't judge my drawings! LOL! I am most definitely not an artist. It's easy to impress 4 and 5 year olds! :-)


  1. I have the same rug and love it! Your reading corner is so cozy!

  2. This may be an odd question - but (and I assume it is intentional) why have you misspelt 'animls' and 'pepl' on your poster?

  3. Great question! These are charts that I create with the kids. They suggest all of the things to draw and then they tell me how to write the words. This makes it "theirs." I encourage them to listen for the sounds and write the letters that they hear. I want them to become independent and confident writers. In the beginning, it's not all about spelling correctly, it's more about hearing beginning, middle, and ending sounds. It is amazing how much they go back to these posters. Because it is something that they have created...I think it has more meaning to them than a store bought poster. I hope this answer helps! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Your classroom is so cute! I gave you an award on my blog!

    You can get it here!

    Thanks for all of your great ideas!
    Kindergarten Korner