Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday Sale and Valentine's FREEBIE!!

I don't know about the rest of the country, but Nebraska is covered in snow! You are probably's's Winter...IT'S NEBRASKA! I know, right?! However, so far we have pretty much had the Winter that wasn't! We have record setting days! It has been in the 60's and this Kinder teacher is was looooovin it!! We made our grocery store run and hunkered down for the day! I must admit, I am not a huge professional football fan. College football is a different story..."GO BIG RED!" Anyway, don't really care who wins tonight, but will watch it anyways. My new bloggin' buddy Crystal over at Kreative In Kinder suggested that I put all of my Valentine's Station Games (listed on TpT and TN) together in one "Mega Pack!" So, that is just what I did!!
You can get it here!! Valentine Fun Mega Pack. I have it listed for $7. If you were to purchase each game that was included in the pack, then it would cost $14....that's a savings of 50%!! Here are some of the games that are included:
Here is a Valentine FREEBIE for you! I had started to make another game to list and quite honestly...I just didn't get it done! So, here you go!! Valentine Make a 2 Digit Number I have included 2 game mats (in color). You could print and laminte these. There is also a black and white recording sheet. To play: For 2 players 2 dice a game mat or the recording sheet Roll both dice make a 2 digit number and either cover (colored mat) or color (black and white version) the first one to cover their mat is the winner!! Some things that I am working on are...a President's Day Pack, Tooth Fairy Pack, and some super Seuss stuff!!