Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rainbow Fish Art

Ok, I will be the first to admit that some days I just fly by the seat of my pants! I will read a book during snack time for enjoyment, a question will be asked, it sparks a conversation, AN IDEA IS BORN!! Seriously, sometimes my best lessons are ones that came from the kiddos!

I love the story Rainbow Fish! My Kinders are in need of some "friendship intervention." I thought that this story was perfect...great lessons in sharing and being a friend! Rainbow Fish it is!! The books that I choose to read during snack time are not a part of our curriculum. However, I always try to talk about whatever skill we are working on and always refer back to our comprehension posters.

Anywhoooo  (stay on track here Tammy) today we were talking about illustrations. How illustrators can use different tools to make their pictures interesting! In the story, it describes Rainbow Fish as different shades of blue, purple and green. One of my little sweeties says, "Mrs Lee, what does shade mean?" So, I explain what it means. The kids then start talking about how they could make different shades by pressing hard while coloring, or coloring very lightly. Now, I am not an Art teacher. Painting is sooooo not my favorite thing to do. was time to paint!! It was the easiest way for me to show them how to make a color darker and lighter! I believe the correct terms are tints and shades.

Here is what we did. First, we looked through the book and talked about the setting. What colors did they use? What are some other things that they saw besides fish? We started with a 12 X 18 sheet of white construction paper. They added details with crayons....ONLY what they saw on the ocean floor. Next, we used our watercolor to paint over the top of our ocean scene. I blue first and then added some strokes of green and purple. No picture of just this part...darn it!

Now, for the real paint...YIKES!! I chose purple. I demonstrated what happened when I mixed purple with white and then with black. "Mrs. Lee, you are AWESOME!" Tee Hee! Have I mentioned that I love my Kinders. They are so easily impressed! Their turn now! I let each student choose their color (red, orange, yellow, blue, green or purple). I gave each of them their own paper plate with their color, their color with white added, and their color with just a drop or two of black added. I folded another 12 X 18 white sheet of paper into fourths. We painted the first section with their color, the next section with the tint of their color, the next section with the shade of their color. The last section was all three of those colors mixed together. This is what an orange one looked like.

I quick drew a pattern for RBF and traced them onto 9 X 12 white construction paper. I did this while they were painting! I told by the seat of my pants. LOL! I showed them how to cut ovals from their tints/shades. We glued those onto the RBF pattern. Here is a close up of the fish...sort of!

Now, cut out the fish and glue to your ocean scene and VOILA!! You are done. I am done! AND I have a headache! So, not kidding about the headache! This should have been a two day project. However, I had made it too far and I told myself ...suck it up buttercup and finish this thing! So, we did! I thought about adding silver glitter, but then thought again...and did NOT! :-) They turned out so cute! They all picked different colors. Oh, one more thing....whatever color they chose was the color they had to use to color the face and the fins! So, if they chose green, then RBF had a green face and green fins. Would you like to see their finished products? I can post pics of those if you would like!?

I really need to be better about taking pictures! I did snap a few, but not from the beginning though...sorry!

Whew! That was a long post!!


  1. Thank you for sharing this idea. I was looking for a project for next week and my firsties could use a little friendship intervention as well. Painting is so not my favorite thing but the kids love it and there are only 31 days left... Liz in South Dakota

  2. What a great idea! My kinder friends could also use some friendship intervention too! Can't wait to try this with them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'd love to see the pictures of your kiddos RBF :)

    Lovely Little Learners

  4. I love this! Thanks for sharing this idea!

  5. This project is SO cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  6. Thank you for the post of your rainbow fish project. I have taught for 31 years and I love seeing all of the new and creative ideas that are out there. The rainbow fish is awesome. What child would not want to make one. Finds like this make me never want to leave my kinders!

  7. I love this project!! It incorporates so many wonderful ideas and curriculum connections! I definitely want to do it next year with my kinders. :)