Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 1 Linky

First, le me say thank you for all of your kind comments and emails! I am glad that so many K teachers are excited about this book study. Here is my reflection on this chapter: (See charts on pages 7-9 in the book)

1. How do I teach new behaviors?
Ok, I know that all teachers are exhausted the first few weeks of school. We have so much to go over! Now, my K teacher friends, do you ever feel like you are herding cats the first few weeks...for real?! LOL! I come home some days almost completely hoarse. I talk sooooo much! Am I alone? :-) As kindergarten teachers we know how important it is to model for our kiddos.  What does it really look like for me? We come together at whole group area and we talk about it!! We role play. We talk about what things should look like. We talk about what things should sound like. We practice...practice...practice!

2. How do I teach expectations?
MODEL! PRACTICE! I am constantly reminding them of what expectations are! Even on day 175...I remind them before we leave the room what I expect in the hallway. Have you ever noticed that Kinder kids are usually the best behaved kids in the hall, at school assemblies, in the cafeteria?! It is because we are constantly reminding them of expectations. I think as students get older, some teachers feel like they should "already know" and granted....they probably should, but if you are not communicating expectations with them, then how do they know?!

3. How do I monitor student behavior? whole group? small groups? individual?
I have release some student behaviors, but really can see myself having a difficult time with this. I am a control freak! However, I love the thought of students self monitoring. I know that if I think that they can do. If I expect them to do it. They will do it. What responsible learners we will be creating! :-) I really am going to give this a go! FOR REAL!

4. What do I do when a student is not exhibiting desired behavior?
Yes, I am total middle column on this one too. I use the clip chart in my room (which I still plan on using) and kids do miss some of their recess. HOWEVER, I do not have them practice the desired behavior! WHY NOT?! We "talk" about it....there I go, talk, talk! LOL!

5. Whose classroom is it?
Does this sound is so my classroom! I want it to be "our" classroom! I am going to look at my I need that much space? I want the kids to take some ownership into their roles as my student...does that make sense?!

6. Locus of control?
I still give stickers, sweet spots, candy! Is that a terrible thing? I guess I will have to read more of the book to find out.

7. Where are supplies stored?
Right now I have separate areas of my classroom. Each Literacy Work Station has a defined area. I have already started thinking about how I will store things. I monitor supplies right now. Is that something that I need to continue to do!? I don't think so. If I teach how to take care of these things, then this will be one less thing that I need to worry about, right?

You can check out some great pins that our KD5 team has already pinned for you. It has some great things to help you get started with Daily 5!

Next up will be Caitlin from Kindergarten Smiles. She will be hosting Chapter 2. If you are not following her blog yet, then head on over right now!!!

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  1. I am so excited about sharing my experiences with others and learning from their ideas! Together, this D5 journey will create better readers for all of us! Thanks Tammy!

    Sharing Kindergarten

  2. Thanks for hosting Tammy! I am so glad I found your site and all your great kindergarten ideas! hugs, Gwen

  3. Thanks for organizing this book study. I am new to kindergarten and I really want to use the Daily 5 model but had no idea how, this is just what I needed! All the other information I could find was for older grades. I linked up but my blog button didn't work... learning curve! I love your blog BTW!!

  4. Thanks for hosting this and for all you do! You are awesome and you are inspiring us all to be better teachers!!! :)

    Kindergarten Smiles

  5. Thanks for providing the structure for me to investigate and think through how to use this in my classroom! I bought the book in 2007 when I was teaching second grade. This past year I went back to Kindergarten (for the first time since 1984. LOTS of changes in that time!!!). Now that I have spent the year and gotten a "feel" for Kindergarten, I know that I need to restructure some....I spent a lot of time modeling and practicing so I did those things correctly....I need to restructure my supplies (and give up control of those!!) AND my literacy "block". Between adding The Phonics Dance and restructuring, my kindergarten kiddos are in for a treat next year!!! :)

  6. P.S. My name is Lisa. There is an explanation about the blog (Stryker Local Schools) that I am willing to tell, but now didn't seem to be the time.

  7. So glad to get this bookstudy started. Thanks for providing this opportunity for our kindergarten community to come together and 'talk' about different ideas that will work for us in implementing Daily 5.
    A Differentiated Kindergarten

  8. Thank you for hosting! I just linked up and I can't wait to read everyone's posts. =)
    The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

  9. As far as what I do with disruptive behavior, I had a couple of laminated, red paper "STOP" signs. If I was involved with a group, I would call the child's name and hold up a "STOP" sign. The child had to come get the sign and sit down at their seat. After my group, the child had to bring the sign to me and tell me why he/she had to sit down. It was pretty effective because they hated missing literacy center time.

  10. Tammy, Thanks for organizing this book study. I was planning to read the book on my own this summer, but I'm so much more reflective when I have the chance to read other's thoughts and experiences with this. Like you, I really want to give this a go. My biggest hangup (out of several) is the chart on pg. 14. When on earth, would you get anything else done? 30 minutes on a single task, no way! I have to remind myself that I'm not reading examples of a K5 class. I think 10 minutes would be a reasonable aim for us at the first of the year. I could teach a Guided Reading lesson while they complete two of the D5 tasks. Then we could work on increasing stamina.


  11. We use daily learning targets in our school district, and this has helped tremendously at the beginning of the year. I just wrote a target for them to use on the rug during opening and teaching times and that has been very helpful. Plus having learning targets on the activities we do through out our time together, helps the kids self regulate and helps our classroom be more of an 'ours" instead of a "mine". I teach 4 year old kinders, and have 2 groups a day.

  12. I so excited about this book study. I've read a lot of blogs talking about D5 but just didn't know if it would work for K. I can't wait to hear everyone's ideas on how to implement it in the K classroom.
    "The Wonderful World of Kindergarten"

  13. This book study is a terrific idea! I've used D5 in 1st and 2nd but wasn't sure how it would work when I went down to kinder a few years ago.... Now that I "get" kinder I am ready to give it a test drive! :0)

    So, glad that I have so many teacher to glean idea from!!
    Kindergarten Lifestyle

  14. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! This is my first time to link up on a blog! I am just starting my blog (2 followers) and I am still learning the ropes. Last year I moved from 2nd grade to Pre-K and all year I wondered how I could incorperate the Daily 5 into my classroom routines. I was so glad to find this book study specifically for Kindergarten teachers. I had seen one of 1st-3rd and was sad when I felt left out. My principal has asked us to make our Pre-K curriculum more rigorous and have given us the kindergarten Commom Core standards to follow. So, when I found this book study I knew it would be perfect.

  15. SO SO SO excited to have found this blog!! I have both books that I need to read for PD this summer and this connect to others that are doing the same thing will completely make the transformation possible! I LOVE THE COMMUNITY concept! I had better get reading -- Looks like I am two chapters behind!! lol.

    Hugs!! CANT WAIT!

  16. First, I'd like to say thank you for doing this book study - I really enjoy hearing about how people implement in their own classrooms... this will be invaluable as I implement in mine :)

    Hopefully I'm not too late to post a comment and question -

    I am a bit stuck on question #3 - monitoring behavior. Our primary team uses clips or cards and after a couple warnings and redirects, has the child move his/her clip or card to warning, lose 5 minutes, lose recess, etc... Our 1st grade teacher and I had the conversation about this method vs. the up and down the chart method and I guess that I always felt that I was good at giving adequate warnings, so once they moved their clip/card there were enough chances to change behavior. I do like the idea that children get the opportunity to prove they can change their behavior, however here's my one concern (and I'm hoping there are some people who can help with this)...

    Do you find that once a student "clips down" that they constantly ask you if what they are doing will get their "clip up"? I guess my biggest concern about starting this kind of behavior system is that, instead of taking responsibility for their behavior and concentrating on fixing it, they will be more concerned about moving back up.

    Also... how do you deal with more serious behavior? Do all behaviors get the move down one or are there some behaviors that automatically get moved down farther?

    Again, thanks for doing this book study - I look forward to getting any insight as I prepare to implement this program next year :)

    ~ Liz, Kindergarten

  17. Hi! I'm your newest follower and I decided to join the study because I hope to be in K some day. Right now I teach First which is pretty darn close :)

    ✰ Kimberley ✰
    First in Maine

  18. I too am interested in the book study. You can never review enough and we have never done one (or so I thought) that focuses only on kindergarten. gail bingenheimer

  19. I had both sisters sign my book.