Friday, June 15, 2012

KD5 Chapter 2

Before I begin with my "things to think about" while reading Chapter 2, let me answer a few questions. The Daily 5 and CAFE are copyrighted and trademarked materials. The things that I provide are an unofficial adaptation of the Daily 5 by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. They are in no way endorsed by the 2 Sisters. Whew...long schppel there!

Anyhoooo....I had 3 D5/CAFE items in my TpT store, which several of you had already purchased (thank you!) I had to take them down because it is a copyright violation...darn it! The 2 Sisters have a site that you can join,, and it has some printable items that you can use on there. My problem is..well how can I put this's not cute. We want cute, right?! I also wanted a picture to go with each poster. Sooooo, here are the rules (I THINK!) I can not sell D5/CAFE items, but I can give it away for free. Here is where I am having a problem...all of you wonderful teachers that have already paid for those that really fair for me to now offer them to everyone for FREE?! There is no way for me to go back and see WHO bought those items. It would be nearly impossible. I am trying to come up with the best solution for all.  I have actually rec'd a few emails from the right?! They know that teachers out there want CUTE and useful resources. So, hopefully their fabulous team is working on that RIGHT NOW! Come on on that...would ya?! LOL! I wasn't really sure what to expect when I emailed them. They responded (very quickly I might add) very nicely! It was like talking to a teammie! So appreciative of the collaboration that we are doing...way to go chicas....and that Kinder teachers have the "WE CAN DO IT!" (total water boy moment there) ATTITUDE!

I rarely create something solely to sell on TpT or TN. I love to create, to blog, and to chat with my new teacher/bloggin' buddies. This book study was never about making money for me. I love the fact that there are so many teachers from all over the US that want to work together and share ideas! There truly is not another profession like ours! You all are awesome!

I made this cute little poster to go with Chapter 2! I just changed "Stay Out of the Way" to "Independence" :-)

They used a new driver analogy here! I can SOOOOO relate. Daughter number 2, who will be 16 in less than a month, but THINKS she is a new driver! I would love to say that I am the trusting passenger that sits back and enjoys the ride. Ummmm....NO! I swear there is a real brake on the passenger side while she is driving. LOL! Just had to share!

So, I need to ask the same questions posed on page 19...
1. What am I doing now that I could trust the kids to do?
2. In what ways could I trust children where I haven't before?

I will use this sheet to write down my daily routines/schedule and look at what I am doing now! I will then jot some ideas of how I can trust my Kidners to do those things. I can do it, right?! If they took too many snacks...who cares! I do NOT need to be the po-po on everything. You can click on the preview below to download your copy.
I love choice! Do you love choice? Who does NOT love choice?! I have such a difficult time reading something that I am told that I have to read. Am I alone here? I put it off until the last minute, I am chatting with my teammates about how ridiculous it is that I am being made to read something 
Children love structure and routine...amen 2 sisters! Some things to think about while reading this chapter...Do I have my schedule/routine posted in the room? Is it posted and then we don't talk about it, or do I go over each day at morning meeting?

Providing members  with ownership to hold others accountable for:
1 Behaviors of effort
2 Learning
3 Order
4 Kindness
Things to think about for me...What does "accountable" mean for my Kinders?! We will need to practice ways that are appropriate and no bossy flossies!

Ohhhh guilty of "Because I said so!" Does this make me a bad teacher? I really don't think so. I think that I am really good about "talking about the why," but do I continue to talk about? Do I revisit it when it is natural/makes sense?!
Things to think about for me...come up with "why" for each component of D5. Are there good read alouds to go along with these (HEY! D5 team, add this to your list of things to do...come up with great read alouds that can align with this). You can click on the preview to download this. I know...I know...I KNOW...I have a problem with borders! Heaven forbid I use something that is just plain paper...GASP!?!?
Hey Gail, I was determined to get back in shape after daughter number...she's 8...still determined though! Tee Hee!! :-) All I need to think about here...bring on the stamina baby! :-)

STAY OUT OF THE WAY: I called this Independence! I am so excited to be able to work with students individually and uninterrupted! Is this possible!? I really believe so! What tricks or visuals do you use when working with small groups or students? I have heard some teachers wear a hat, or a special lamp that is turned on. I would love to hear your cute ideas.

I will be back on Wednesday to link up with my bloggin' buddy Caitlin!! She will be hosting your reflections and ideas for this chapter on Wednesday. So, make sure you head over there...ON link up :-)


  1. Stinkin' copyright laws. We can never seem to get away from them! Hopefully "the sisters" team will come up with some cutesy stuff. Until then, I'll create mine just for me. =) Just kidding! If it's true we can do them as freebies, that's great. Thanks for your thoughts, I'm about to sit down and read chapter 2 and 3 this afternoon. Independence and choice will be my tough ones this time around. I can do it though and you can too!

    Kinder Kraziness

  2. Ya know...if I wrote a book like that, first of all I would be flattered that teachers across blog world are doing a book study! How many books did they sell thanks to that?! Second...ALL of those items that you wonderful teachers made to sell GO WITH that book made me more interested in the book. Seeing all of the stuff on TPT and the book study is the REASON I BOUGHT THE BOOK. Sheesh.....Ok, I'm done. lol


    Kindergarten is the Best

  3. I agree, there should be some middle ground.. like, if you were to sell the "Cliff note version" so people didn't buy the original book, I could see where they would be mad... but those posters don't give any information. They are useless unless teacher's have read and understood the book. Kind of like FREE advertisement for their product if you ask me. I LOVED your posters and I am so sad I hadn't gotten around to buying them yet... they are pinned on my classroom decor board :( BOO.
    Kickin' it in Kinder

  4. I totally agree with everything that's said!! I sent them a "comment" through their Cafe website. When I was required to read Daily 5 I resisted and didn't even finish the book! Through blogging I was excited to read it and I LOVE the cute stuff everyone at TPT has posted. I even bought the Cafe book because of TPT!! So... I told them so. Maybe it will fall upon deaf ears but I want to praise TPT (and sites like them) because of what they do for us as teachers.

    I'm all about Beg, Borrow, Steal (and returning the favor). How do we get better if we don't learn from each other?

    Oh well. I'm sad that this news is raining on our parade a little but that doesn't make me any less pumped about continuing the book study. Yay! :)

    Ms. A to Z

  5. I agree wih the comments....I ONLY purchased the book because of this book study. It would bevery interesting to see how many books were sold after this book stuy was anounced. I will leave a comment for them as well.

  6. Same here...the ONLY reason I bought the book was because of this study. It really sticks in my craw that we can't get cute stuff to go with it! I would rather buy from a teacher who will probably put the profit back into her classroom for the good of her students...OK, I'll get off the soapbox now!

  7. Lots of well thought out comments from your fans and TpT fans. Creative teachers help grow the teaching craft. "The best teachers are made by the teacher next door..." is a saying my mother said 40 years ago, and the same is true today. Let's hope a balance can be found.

  8. I'm so sad! I had all your daily 5 stuff in my cart ready to buy! I hope you will find a way to share your cute creations!

  9. Copyright laws are frustrating, but the biggest goal is that we all continue to share ideas with one another so that we all can be the best we can be! Love all that you are sharing!! I am planning on reading the book for the second time starting next week. I have had lots of school meetings recently!

  10. LOVE this idea! I showed it to a few coworkers. feel free to stop by and follow my blog. I'm doing a giveaway soon!


  11. I teach in Australia and have been using Daily 5 for the last 10 weeks in my prep class. It is not very well known here in Australia and it can be very hard to connect to other teachers using it, so I've decided to join up with you wonderful teachers from the US. Thanks so much for all you share. I'd be pretty lost without you guys.