Saturday, June 23, 2012

KD5 Chapter 3 Things to think about

I hope that you are enjoying this book study as much as I am! I have found some new blogs to follow! I love reading posts from experienced KD5 teachers AND hearing the same concerns from the "ready to try KD5."

Things to think about while reading chapter 3:
1. Establish a gathering place for brain and body breaks. (Do you call your gathering place anything special? A few of my teammates did. Annie called hers the "Family Room" and Kim calls hers the "Learning Space." I need to come up with something better than "the carpet" lol!)
2. Developing the concept of "good fit" books (There are LOTS of examples of different good fit lessons in blogland AND Pinterest)
3. Create anchor charts with students How will these be visual in the room? Where will you store them? What about small spaces?
4. Short, repeated intervals of independent practice and setting up book boxes (How are you going to keep track of stamina? What will you use for book boxes? What are you going to put in those book boxes on the 1st day of school?)
5. Calm Signals and check in procedures (Do you already have a signal? How will you handle check ins?)
6. Using the correct model/incorrect model approach for demonstrating appropriate behaviors. (Will you keep track of inappropriate behaviors? If they are not doing what is expected, then they are calling out for attention...what other ways can you give them some extra attention so that they can be more independent during D5?)

I will be back on Wednesday ready to link up! I have LOTS to share that day!! :-) Make sure you come back and have your post ready!


  1. I call my group area the cozy corner

  2. I now have confirmed my dork status. When I saw your facebook status about this blog post, I was WAY to excited!! This is the way all professional development should be... hear some information, share and digest... so much more meaningful this way!
    Kickin' it in Kinder

  3. Thank you for doing this. I have done the Daily Five in 3rd grade and loved it. Last year I taught kindergarten for the first time and truthfully did not love it. However, I am so excited to do the D5 in K that I am really looking forward to the coming year. This book study is amazing!!!

  4. I'm your newest follower! I just awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award. Stop by my blog to pick it up! :)

    Teachin' Little Texans

  5. I am loving this book study, reflecting on teaching(and learning new strategies) and meeting new teachers through blogging! What a great idea!

  6. Hey Hey! :) I wanted to let you know that I awarded your blog the "One Lovely Blog" award! Check out my blog to pick it up! <3

  7. I am more of a blog stalker than a blogger. I have checked out a lot of wonderful blogs through pinterest. It was through pinterest that Daily 5 really caught my eye. It looks like a definite must do in my classroom. I actually got the book 5 years ago when I started teaching. At that time, I took one look at it and put it in the closet. There was just no way that kinders can work that well without ME! I dug the book out yesterday and read the first 3 chapters saying things like "Sounds just like my class!, Duh!, Why didn't I do this earlier?, etc." Really looking forward to reading everybody's ideas on how this looks in kindergarten.

  8. This past year I had all my anchor charts on the smart board but then it was not always available for kids. I used to keep all my poems on hangers. I think I will keep my anchor charts on hangers and pull them out as needed. Sometimes when the same repeat offenders would disrupt things I would simple point to the anchor chart to redirect them. One child I made a half sheet copy and put it on their desk for a visual. That helped and my first grade kiddos built up stamina but after a review of the chapter I CAN see things I need to change. My rug is called the "Meeting Place" I do follow the First 25 Days exactly and that also helps with procedure, good fit books, etc. Have a Happy 4th of July!

  9. First of all...thank you for your blog!
    As I have been embarking on D5 with kindergarten, I have begun to ask myself the same questions, which is why I went looking out in cyberspace. I have found that while we are building stamina, it has helped if I give the children a reading focus such as, "look for any m's," or asking them to find any words they know, or tell me about the picture. I then walk around the room and spend about 10-15 seconds with each child, rewarding them with stickers for telling me about anything in the book that pertains to reading words, pictures or retelling the story. In three days of practice, we made it to twelve minutes! Hooray!

  10. Hey Linda, I am a first year teacher and want to try to implement Daily 5. Could you please tell me what you're referring to with the "25 days?" Also, where can I find book bins for students? I haven't had any luck finding them. Thanks!!!! :)