Friday, July 6, 2012

KD5 Chapter 4 Read To Self

I am so late with this. I am sorry! I have been consumed with creating Back To School things! :-) It has been soooo hot here that I am trying to stay inside. Staying inside means working on the computer....WOO HOO!!

I am linking up with my bloggin' buddy Krissy this week! She is hosting Chapter 4.

I think that when hearing "Read To Self" most Kinder teachers are thinking...SAY WHAT!? Our kids can't read on the first day of school! I will be honest, I think that I was one of those say what'rs (not a real word I know) AND probably louder than anyone else. When I was thinking of starting this study, I knew that I was going in with an open mind and and I CAN attitude! Are you with me? Here we go!

Now, I start school on Wedenesday and our Wednesdays are short days (don't hate me.) The first day goes by soooo fast. Thursday and Friday seem to go by just as quick. I am going to launch RTS on Monday! YES, I AM! :-) Think about the sisters "Three ways to read a book." Our kids CAN do that!

A few things that I want to do this year! First, I want to have a "Big Book of the Week." We will read the same big book every morning during our morning meeting. Hopefully, I will be able to create retelling pieces to go with each book. Think of how many books you will have that your kiddos can retell in the first 2 months of school?! I would love to hear some of your favorite big books and activities to go with them! I am thinking that I will start with Brown Bear, Brown Bear!'

Second, I am going to make some easy readers myself. Books that have pictures and one word on each page. They can "read" these on the first day. I plan on making all different themes/seasons for these. I already have a school theme one done! CHECK! You can get it by clicking on the title page.

I will make sure I post about our progress on Day #4 as we launch Read To Self!


  1. I have one more week, then I am going to put a HUGE push on making stuff for back to school. I can't believe you start school already!

  2. I had a weekly big book when I taught first. Each day we would do a reading response in relation to it. I used anything by Joy Cowley! She's fabulous :) We did lots of jumbled sentences, retells, sequencing, clozes...I really liked using them! I think it's a great idea!

    Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists

  3. I appreciate you starting this Daily 5 for Kindergarten, because I felt like I was the only one trying in K.

    I also nominated you for some awards. If you would like to see, please visit:
    Learning With Mrs. Brinn

  4. Congrats Tammy! The Goonie Gals have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger award.

    Stop by, read our post and grab the award!!!

    The Goonie Gals LOVE your blog design and can't get over the sharing spirit you give to us. You deserve it!!!
    The Kindergarten Goonies XOXO

  5. I love the idea of a big book a week! I cannot wait to see (and purchase) all of the wonderful things you create. You are so creative!

    I know what you mean about the heat, it has been 115 here all week. YUCK!
    My 1-year old does not get the same joy from me being on the computer/woking so we have been keeping busy at pools and splash-pads.
    Have fun creating!


    I do, We Do, You Do!

  6. I am really excited to start fresh with D5 next year. I started it mid year this year, and it worked well, but there were some things that I didn't spend time reteaching/changing in my room due to time constraints. So, I am excited to do it how I want from the beginning.

    That said, this is how I plan on working it:
    I am going to do the "Super Six" which is D5 plus ipads. My classroom got them last year, and I feel like since we have them, we should use them as much as possible.

    I am going to do 3 rounds each day, skipping Wednesdays (we have Enrichment Classes that day), so the kids will get to do 2 rounds total each week.

    The problem:
    I only teach 1/2 day, so if I put in Math and Writing time, that is basically my ENTIRE day.

    When does everyone else plan on doing things like choosing, painting, dramatic play, sharing, art,etc. All those small things...or are we just beyond doing those things these days?? I am having a hard time finding a place for/letting go of the things that make Kindergarten KINDERGARTEN!

  7. Hi Tammy,
    I just made you a blogger "thank you" note. Please check out this link to see!
    Chris Kazanjian

  8. All of you have such great ideas!! I am thrilled to be finding information on The Daily Five in Kindergarten here! Maybe I have not read as far as I need to as I've just found this blog but can't stay off of it. I am wondering if you all start Daily Five right away or do you wait until more routines and such as established?

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