Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Post by Sharing Kindergarten

Hi Live Love Laugh Love Folks. I am Mary from Sharing Kindergarten

I am a HUGE fan of Tammy. She is a great blogging friend of mine. She gives me great advice all the time. In fact... she suggested I get a "blog makeover" a while back. It was the best advice and I am so glad I did. (Thanks for looking our for me Tammy!)

It is back to school time and I hope you are hunting along with the Back to School Blog Hunt I put together. Each post has an idea or freebie for back to school.
We also have a Pinterest board with all the products pinned. You can't get behind with this.

I want to share with you a techy tip that I LOVE for each and every school year! I create a yearly file for each school year and a file with first of the year papers in that yearly file. Last year it was named 2011-2012. This year it is 2012-2013.

That way I can keep all the yearly documents I need where I can get them. For example, class lists, pdfs of report cards, or RTI graphs.
I also put all my newsletters, notes home, and modified items in this file.

But... here is the BIG time saver....
Create a folder on your computer with all your beginning of the year files... like
-homework check off sheet
-parent volunteer sign up sheet
- ice cream money graph
-baseline assessment info
-lunch numbers

Copy and paste the file into a yearly file (2012-2013 as an example) so you always have those forms ready. You won't forget about any needed document because they are all together. Plus, if you edit them all at them at the same time, you can remember to CUT AND PASTE your class list into the existing files, saving you even more time.
(I honestly thought everyone organized their digital files this way, but perhaps you didn't think about doing it this way?)

Once I have my class list typed, I can add my student names to ALL the files in less than 5 minutes... SCORE!

*Just in case you don't know how to create a folder.... 
1. Select the location (My Documents, Desktop, etc.)
2. RIGHT click one time.
3. Find and select "New..."
4. Select Folder (close to the top)
5. Double click the "New Folder" name and select rename.
6. Pick your file name. (like the school year or first of the year forms.)

 How do you organize your digital files? Does this little tip help?
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten



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  2. Hi, I've been doing this for years! It's helped when I couldn't remember what I named a document too. It has made my life so organized!