Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sub Binder

I finished my sub binder! Now, I just need to get my room done so I can take pictures to actually put in my sub binder. :-) I am for real, truly and seriously going to school TOMORROW! What is wrong with me this Summer friends?! I just can't make myself drive to school! For those of you that don't live a few blocks from your probably understand me. I have an hour commute...I know...crazy, right?! I have been at this school for 7 years and this will be 8! I have a fabulous team and the families are great! It's one of those situations that you just know that you won't find it anywhere else! Whoa! I got a little side tracked there...sorry! SUB BINDER!!

You can get your sub binder at my TpT store by clicking the cover below. 

The first section is "Welcome To My Class." You can include your school's information here. I usually type up a letter about myself too and include money for them to get a pop from pop machine in the lounge :-) 
This section is for all of the important information that they might need!

These are other inserts that I have included. Some have printable pages, but most are ones that you would want to add your own information :-) My goal this year is to keep at least one week's worth of emergency sub plans....tee hee...we will see how that goes!

Next up will be "The Ultimate Student Binder."